Our vision is to help Haitian people learn trades and skills which will stimulate and encourage progress. Every year we gather to hear about needs, desires, and requests of the local villagers and leaders of the surrounding areas. After all, they know best what kind of support would help them move toward self-sufficiency. As their neighbors, we also know best which of them are the top workers and honest leaders and can be entrusted with our assistance. That is why when we eventually come to the US to address our International Partners with the plea for help we know that whatever funds will be accumulated would work in key areas of our ministry and with the worthiest of our people. Our needs are generic for any developing country. It’s food and clean water, education needs, building tools and materials, seeds and farming equipment. But in addition to that we make sure that those reached immediately with help will be those with the greatest needs, for we know that:

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me"

~Matthew 25:40


This program upholds self-sufficiency of Haitian farmers. We teach farmers how to be proficient in growing local organic vegetables. Volunteers knowledgeable in farming techniques contribute ideas or come to Haiti for a special Harvesting Hope Mission Trip. They work with local people to help them to cultivate their land, and plant or harvest their crops.  Harvested items provide the farmers and their families with wholesome nutritious meals or be sold during local Market Days to cover their other needs.
Your donation to this program goes toward purchasing seeds, tools and farming equipment.
You can also participate in Harvesting Hope as a missionary volunteer. Let us know that you’d be interested and fill our contact form with a note: Harvesting Hope Volunteer in the comments. You will be notified when the next Harvesting Hope Mission Team will be formed.


Our children are eager to learn but the required school fees are often impossible for families to bear. The average annual school dues are $360 per child.  This fee covers not only daily classroom attendance but also an everyday lunch. This lunch is sometimes the only sure and sound meal a child has that day.
In small villages, where the poverty strikes the hardest, JBM has begun a Student Sponsorship Program. We make sure to start with the poorest schools and poorest families in our network. We believe every child deserves an opportunity to be educated so they can fulfill their dreams. Education brings hope and hope is freeing. You can sponsor a child with a good education and a meal for just 36 cents a day. To do that please write note: Sponsor a Student at the time of your donation.


Many of our schools are still lacking basic supplies: books, paper, crayons, and chalk. In spite of these inequities every school day the children are eagerly waiting for their teacher to do a “miracle” and open new horizons for them, and spark their imaginations to soar. Help the teacher bring the miracle to their classroom. Educating future generation is crucial, and in addition to helping with school supplies, if possible JBM Haiti budgets a portion of its funds to pay for the teachers in our schools. If you want us to increase this number, and bless some of our schools please make a note: Sponsor a School at the time of your donation. Help us keep our schools open and our children learning.


How we came to be is truly not our doing. What began as a missions trip, ended up changing the very lives of everyone who has participated thus far. JBM knows that this mission will change the lives of those who will come in the future.




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