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Community Development

Our vision is to help Haitian people learn trades and skills which will stimulate and encourage progress. Every year we gather to hear about needs and requests of the local villagers and their leaders. After all, they know best what kind of support would help them move toward self-sufficiency. As their neighbors, we also know best which of them are the top workers and honest leaders and can be entrusted with our assistance. That is why when we eventually address you with the plea for help we know exactly where your funds will have the greatest impact. Below is list of our chosen community projects.

Scroll down to see projects in this Ministry. To donate to a project of your choice, please specify it at the donation time. Otherwise, we will direct your funds where we believe is the most urgent need at the time.

Orphans Outreach

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Over 100 orphans and vulnerable children are cared for on a daily basis, through our Ministry of Compassion (MCO) both in Pignon and in Port-au-Prince.


Would you consider coming alongside us to care for these children?

Wells Program

Most homes do not have running water, and people must walk for miles to get water in nearby rivers. JBM has 12 wells in different communities. Wells we build and maintain in them serve the community and allow residents to have safe water.​




Provide small loans for people to start businesses. Loan can be in the amount of $250 or more (example: raising chickens or livestock, growing crops, baking bread for resale, buying construction tools etc.)


This program upholds self-sufficiency of Haitian farmers. Volunteers knowledgeable in farming techniques contribute ideas or come to Haiti for a special Harvesting Hope Mission Trip. They work with local people to help them to cultivate their land, and plant or harvest their crops.  Harvested items provide the farmers and their families with wholesome nutritious meals or be sold during local Market Days to cover their other needs.


Your donation to this program goes toward purchasing seeds, tools and farming equipment.You can also participate in Harvesting Hope as a missionary volunteer. Let us know that you’d be interested and fill our contact form with a note: Harvesting Hope Volunteer in the comments. You will be notified when the next Harvesting Hope Mission Team will be formed.

Medical Clinic


We currently have one (1) clinic and continue to do mobile clinics to reach people who are unable to travel. Support for this ministry allows JBM to pay for much-needed staff and medication.

House Building Project

$5,000 will provide safe and secure home for a pastor or another member of the JBM church community and his entire family.


Sewing Project

sewing program.jpg

This program will allow local women to sew clothes and make jewelry to sell in order to support their families.

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