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Education Ministry

As a child pastor Jephthe Lucien walked 40 miles to go to a modern school. Watch the video below to learn about his dreams, and how a  group of missionaries brought a modern school to a remote village in Haiti. Would you consider joining their efforts?

Scroll down to see projects in this Ministry. To donate to a project of your choice, please specify it at the donation time. Otherwise, we will direct your funds where we believe is the most urgent need at the time.

UJEPH University


Political unrests and economic instability prevent most Haitians from getting any education beyond the elementary level. A few years ago, our generous founders were inspired by God to sponsor, build, and organize the UJEPH University. It is a Christian school for Haitian youth.


It took a few years of gathering necessary funds and technology, construction, and developing curriculum. Eventually in September of 2019 the University welcomed first students offering programs in Theology, Nursing, Computer Science and Business Administration.

Each program is filled by well-prepared faculty.  To successfully continue the staff and the students need your prayers. They also need continuous funding, especially that as the word got out there are new students lining up to enroll.  There are also plans to expand the curriculum by adding the Agriculture.

Sponsor a School

JBM Haiti  has 14 elementary schools and while the main purpose of our schools is to teach our youth, we also believe that knowing the word of God and a great education is the formula for a brighter tomorrow.  All our schools are based on the grounds of our churches. Unfortunately, over the past 3 years, we have had to close 7 schools due to lack of funding. Would you consider sponsoring a School?

Sponsorship of $35 per month pays for a year of school, uniform, books and help us to provide the student one meal per day for the school year.


Sponsor a Student


We believe every child deserves an opportunity to be educated so they can fulfill their dreams. Education brings hope and hope is freeing. Our children are eager to learn but the required school fees are often impossible for families to bear. Therefore, in small villages, where the poverty strikes the hardest, JBM has begun a Student Sponsorship Program. We make sure to start with the poorest schools and poorest families in our network.  

You can sponsor a child with a good education and a meal for just 36 cents a day. To do that please write: Sponsor a Student at the time of your donation.

Technology Training Center

As we educate our children, we want to provide them with the best opportunity possible. We want them to know the Lord but also receive a quality education allowing them to achieve their dreams and be self-sustaining. 


Click this link to visit a Technology Center that was already built in Pignon in 2017. The students use the tablets and laptops to do research and learn. It greatly improves their typing skills, and they use various software to practice their math, grammar, science etc.


If your heart is also set on helping JBM Haiti in that way – just specify the Technology Center at the time of your donation.



For all, for whom shelves filled with books around the house were a simple fact of growing up, may seem unusual, that many children in Haiti consider it a luxury. Many of them go through the early childhood without seeing a book at all.

It took a great effort, and years of collecting and transporting books to Haiti, to build a library there. Now, with ability to reach for books for fun and learning many kids have a better chance to appreciate them throughout their lives.

Let us know if you would want to become a part of this important education factor for our youth.


Early childhood education is the foundation and most important part of a World-Class school. There are rooms designated for kindergarten classrooms on the premises of JBM Haiti churches, but they often need renovations: plastering, painting, tiling, and adding electricity, equipment (tablets, a projector) and early learning software and supplies. Please specify Kindergarten on your donation if you want to become one of the sponsors of this project.




In January 2018 , thanks to Kids Around the World and great work of our missionary's the first playground for at the Jerusalem Baptist church in Pignon was installed.  It was a great joy watching the kids enjoying themselves. Click this Playground link to see images and read more about it. 

We would love to have more playgrounds on the compounds of our other schools to serve of our students and the community. Would you like to support our Playground projects? Let us know.

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