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We live and work in Haiti, and your funds will go directly to build and develop our churches and neighborhoods. As we strive to create the infrastructure necessary for the self-sufficient communities there are ongoing needs for assistance with food and water, healthcare, education, orphan and vulnerable children care, job creation, micro-enterprise, agriculture programs, church planting and church leadership development.

That stream of needs is often toughened by frequent in Haiti earthquakes and hurricanes, which bring additional demands for disaster recovery and refugee response. Since all that affects our very own homes and societies, although we remain open to new technologies and ideas that could help the progress, we believe we can assess best how to use every dollar available in the most effective way. Nevertheless, at any time you can direct your funds to a project of your choice. In that case, specify the name of that project on your check or donation form.




The Lord continues to use us to be a blessing on a daily basis to thousands of people. “I have come to realize that my greatest joy comes from being able to take what is in my hands and give to others and our faithful supporters have been so instrumental in putting this joy in my heart and for this reason, I am grateful to the Lord for them” says pastor Jephthe Lucien.


Over 100 orphans and vulnerable children are cared for on a daily basis,

through our Ministry of Compassion (MCO) both in Pignon and in Port-



Would you consider coming alongside us to care for these children?  If you are interested in supporting the orphanages, please contact us.


JBM currently has the following community development projects:

  •  Counseling Center – this service provides mental health, vocational and marital counseling for people in the community.

  • Wells Program – Most homes do not have running water, and people have to walk for miles to get water in nearby rivers. JBM has 12 wells in different communities. These wells serve the community and allow local residents to have safe water.

  • Microloans –provide small loans for people to start businesses. Loan can be in the amount of $250 or more (example: raising chickens or livestock, growing crops, baking bread for resale etc.)

  • House Building project – $5,000 will provide a safe and secure home for a pastor or a member of the JBM church family.

  • Sewing Project – Allow local women to sew clothes and make jewelry to sell in order to support their families.


Jerusalem Baptist Ministry (JBM) has 14 schools and the main purpose of our schools is to educate our youth for a brighter tomorrow. We believe that knowing the word of God coupling with a great education is the formula for a brighter tomorrow. All of our schools are based on the grounds of our churches. Our church buildings are used for multiple purposes. Over the past 3 years, we have had to close 7 schools due to lack of funding. Would you consider sponsoring a student or sponsoring a classroom? Sponsorship of $35 per month pays for a year of school, uniform, books and help us to provide the student one meal per day for the school year. For more information click here.


JBM Haiti is designated as a 501(c)(3) by the US government. Therefore, all of donations to this ministry is 100% tax deductible.


We currently have one (1) clinic and continue to do mobile clinics to reach people who are unable to travel. Support for this ministry allows JBM to pay for much-needed staff and medicine.


We are called to spread to Word of God wherever we go. JBM started in 1977 and shortly after that, Pastor Lucien started to planted the first sister church in LabelMer. In the beginning, whenever someone came to know the Lord in a new neighborhood that was far from the main church, we would start a weekly cell group meeting at the new convert’s home. Over time, when opportunities presented themselves, we would purchase land and start a church in that area. The church building would be used for both church and eventually schools. Since pastor Jephthe joined JBM, he has been busy continuing the work that his father started by planting more sister churches, Christian schools and developing economic structures for local families.  We currently have 120 churches and 14 schools, 12 wells, and 6 orphanages in the communities we serve. 


Every year with the help of friends who come to visit us through mission trips, we conduct pastoral conferences, Vacation Bible School and many other programs for our local church members. 


Our supporters are not just contributing to the growth of JBM, but to the spreading of the gospel in the entire nation of Haiti. 90% of every penny that we receive goes to education and church planting. We are thankful for our supporters. They are very much involved in what we do and this is a worthy cause. Many of our supporters are giving sacrificially and we make every personal sacrifice to use their help properly and make the most out of it. We continue to move forward with great confidence knowing that the God who began will carry us through no matter what might come our way.


Please continue to come alongside us. If you are interested in helping with VBS or leaders’ conference click here.  Donate to support our Pastors’ Conference. 


As we educate our children, we want to provide them with the best opportunity possible. We want them to know the Lord and receive a quality education in order for them to achieve their dreams and be self-sustaining.  With the help of our friends, we were able to open a technology center in the school in Pignon to provide technology support to our students. The students use the tablets and laptops from the technology school to do research, improve their typing skills, and to use the various software available to practice their math, grammar, science etc. This is allowing them to have a greater change and opportunity to achieve their full potential. 


This effort would not have been possible without our supporters’ generosity.  Thank you for helping us be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community we serve.


The Lord is using committed leaders through prayer and fasting, evangelism along with a lot of personal sacrifices. Leadership training is vitally important to the success of our ministry.  90% of our pastors are not college trained. However, we continue to provide pastoral conferences on a regular basis every year to ensure our leaders understand the bible for themselves in order to share God’s word with the people who God has placed under their leadership. Last year we had a pastors’ conference with 400 leaders from everywhere in Haiti. The leaders called the conference “a wonder.”  One leader who traveled many miles to attend the conference said, "I just had solid food both for my body and for my soul." We are doing our very best to equip leaders so they can fight and stand firm against the schemes of the evil one.


However, we need your help. Your continued support will help not only sustain JBM, but more importantly, ensure a successful future for the ministry. If you’d like to financially support our leadership training, please contact us by clicking here. Donate to support our Pastors’ Conference.


In January 2018 we installed our first playground for at the Jerusalem Baptist church in Pignon.  It was a great joy watching the kids enjoying themselves. We would love to have more playgrounds in the compounds of our other schools for enjoyment of our students and the community they are in.

We keep a precise accounting of all donation and the reports of all funds allocation will be generated and published annually. JBM Haiti is registered in the US as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and for all funds given you will be issued receipts which are tax-deductible within the rules of United States Federal Tax Regulations.

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JBM Haiti currently accepts checks and money orders made to JBM Haiti and mailed to:
Jerusalem Baptist Missions P.O. Box 601Round Lake Beach, IL 60073

If you prefer to speak to someone, please call 847-338-8326 and your donation will be taken over the phone. You can also email us at:

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